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    Post BINGO Blitz Elite FAQ

    What is BINGO Blitz Elite?
    BINGO Blitz Elite is a monthly subscription service that provides its members exclusive BINGO Blitz perks!

    What do I get for joining BINGO Blitz Elite?
    For joining BINGO Blitz Elite, you get:

    1. 100 BINGO Blitz credit sign-up bonus! (One-time only)
    2. 3 additional BINGO Blitz credits EVERY DAY!
    3. Extra FREE Daily Slots spins EVERY DAY!
    4. 2nd Round of Tournament is FREE EVERY DAY!
    5. 12 Elite Power-Ups per Month: 6 Instant Wins and 6 Double Daubs
    6. Exclusive Elite Frame!
    7. NO Ads on BINGO Blitz!
    8. New rewards every month!

    How much does it cost to join BINGO Blitz Elite?
    Membership is only $14.99 a month.

    How do I become a BINGO Blitz Elite member?
    It’s easy! Simply launch BINGO Blitz by clicking here and click the Learn More button.

    When do I get my monthly Elite power-ups?
    You receive all 12 Power-Ups immediately after signing up for BINGO Blitz Elite. You will get your next set of 12 power-ups on the first day of the next subscription period.

    What if I miss a day in collecting my daily credits? Do I still get to collect those credits?
    Sorry! If you don't check-in to BINGO Blitz that day, you lose out on collecting those daily credits. So make sure to check-in every day!

    Will I be able to access BINGO Blitz Elite features on iPad?
    You'll be able to get your Daily Credits, but we're working on bringing over the other features to iPad. Stay tuned for updates!

    When do I get charged for my monthly service?
    As soon as you sign-up for BINGO Blitz Elite, Facebook will bill you immediately, and then again at the beginning of each subscription period.

    How can I cancel service?
    You can cancel BINGO Blitz Elite service at any time on your Facebook Account Settings page.

    If I cancel my membership, will I still have access to BINGO Blitz Elite features for the rest of the subscription period?
    Yes. If you cancel your membership, you will still have access to the BINGO Blitz Elite features through the end of that subscription period.

    Do I get to keep my Elite Frame if I cancel service?
    Sorry! Only active BINGO Blitz Elite members have access to the Elite Frame.

    What if I run into problems with a BINGO Blitz Elite features?
    Our support team will be happy to assist you. They can be reached via the Support portal here: Make sure you choose the Purchase Issue (real money transactions)/Subscription Service categories when you submit a ticket.
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