Welcome to Pets Blitz Slots!

Pets Blitz Slots is a new room in Bingo Blitz!

Goal of Room

The goal of the room is to get the 12 collection item trophies and complete the collection. Completing the Pets Blitz Slots Collection leads to a reward bonus of 50 Credits, a Custom Frame, a Special Dauber and an Achievement.

Spin Button

Press the “Spin” button at bottom right to spin the reels.

Bet Max Button

Press the “Bet Max” button to make the maximum bet (4000 coins).

Winning Symbol Combinations

Winning paylines are triggered when you string similar symbols in a row along a payline. Some symbols require a minimum of 2 symbols in a row to trigger a winning payout, and some symbols require a minimum of 3 symbols in a row to trigger a winning payout. Strings of winning symbols must start from the far left reel for the payline to be a winner.

Win Display

When a winning combination is generated, the amount won on the spin will be displayed in the “Win” box at upper left, above the chat. The winnings are immediately added to your coin total at the top of the screen.

Earning Collection Items

Collection items can be earned by getting five in a row of a specific symbol. When you get five in a row, you will earn the associated Collection Trophy for that symbol. Items can also be earned as a prize from the Scatter mini-game*.

Earning XP

You must bet at least 500 coins on a spin to earn XP for the spin. For each 500 coins bet on a spin, the player will earn 1XP.

Scatter Game

The Scatter Game is triggered when the user gets at least three “Scatter” symbols amongst the 15 game symbols. Players get to choose two of the six pet shop items, and win the prize revealed behind each, which can include coins, keys, credits, Power-Ups, and Collection Items* for this room.

*Collection Items in Scatter Game

Collection Items can also be won in the Scatter Game. You must bet at least 100 coins on a spin to be eligible to find Collection Items in the Scatter Game. The “Champion” Collection Trophy can ONLY be found within the Scatter Game.

Collection Item Display

When Collection Items are earned, the trophies appear in the awning at the top of the Pets Blitz Slots machine.

Select Bet Button

To change the bet amount, click left and right on the “Select Bet” bone. The per line bet levels are 10 coins, 20 coins, 40 coins, 60 coins, 80 coins, 100 coins and 200 coins.

Select Lines Button

To change the number of paylines, click left and right on the “Select Lines” bone. There are 20 available paylines.

Total Bet for Each Spin

The Total Bet for each spin is the bet amount multiplied by the number of paylines. For example, if you bet 20 coins, and play 20 paylines, the total bet for the spin is 400 coins (20 coins x 20 paylines = 400 coins bet).


Players can click on the Pay-Table mouse toy at bottom left to see the payouts for each symbol.

"Wild" Symbol

The "Wild" symbol can substitute for any other symbol, and can start or extend a row of similar symbols.

Convert Credit to Coins

Credits can be converted to Coins by pressing the “Convert!” button on the Pets Blitz Slots awning.

Buy Coins

Coins can be purchased by clicking on the “Buy Coins” button on the Pets Blitz Slots awning.